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Raven Spirit Companion Great interest Haunted Necklace Ranking TOP8

Raven Spirit Companion, Haunted Necklace


Raven Spirit Companion, Haunted Necklace

This pendant houses a Raven spirit companion who will protect you from negative energy and psychic attack. His name is Lorkin. Ravens are fierce protectors and can sense a psychic attack long before we as humans can. You will feel his presence as a powerful yet calming energy. He will help to open your third eye. You may feel him land on your shoulder and he will cause cold spots in the room. As an animal spirit, this spirit is naturally calm. Offerings: wildflowers, fruit, yellow candles and sandalwood incense. The owner of this pendant will also attract Ravens in the physical realm. You will receive the exact pendant shown. It comes on a black leather cord. It’s synthetic crystal. Please study basic spirit keeping BEFORE buying a Spirit Companion. Google and youtube can be a great help. The spirit will communicate telepathically, in dreams, thru Necrophonic, Deadwave, SpirIt Box, Pendulum, Automatic writing. A6 Familiar Newage Wicca


Raven Spirit Companion, Haunted Necklace

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